Writing, photographing and test riding
With a background of motorcycles and photography for many years, and having ridden many miles on road- as well as race bikes, his opinion about certain bikes was asked. So test riding was the next step. He tested many bikes (and parts) for magazines, such as Harley-Davidson, Victory, Hyosung, Can-Am, Rewaco, Voxan, Kikker5150, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Rewaco Trikes and many custom built bikes. Many other brands and special (shop and private) built bikes like Violator, Zodiac, Rick’s, Bozzies and Walz Hardcore Cycles have been tested, photographed, and written about. This all with only one thing in mind; to give an honest opinion about that particular bike; what it’s like to ride it in daily life.

All the photographs are taken with professional Canon equipment, he has used Canon since the beginning. A ful equiped studio and a completely mobile studio and special equipment such as on-board GoPro cameras and several professional video cameras are part of the Madness Photography equipment.

Discovery Channel
In 2006 he was the exclusive photographer during the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off. Following the world famous bike builders and photographing and filming them from the back of a bike, out of the camera car and from the air out of a helicopter was exciting and rewarding. Working with professionals in the bike scene as Michael Prugh, Marcus Walz, Jesse Jurrens(Legend Air Suspension), Greg Wick, Brian ‘Klock Werks’ Klock and icons as Hugh King; ‘The Chopper King’, proved to be an exciting and extremely intense job, the photo’s are being used by hundreds of media; news papers, magazines, e-magazines and as promotional material, even in a couple of books and appeared on many covers.

Motorcycle clubs
Many clubs had their photo taken by Berserk, at party’s, races, events, weddings and funerals, where he was asked to photograph for them.
Amongst them the Hell’s Angels, where he was invited to party & photograph at Runs, even Euro Runs, in clubhouses all over Europe, but also at races.
Long-time friends, members of the HAMC, all over Europe, gave him a place to stay at their house or in the clubhouse many times when he was somewhere in Europe for a photo shoot; a Big Thanks to them!