Madness Photography started as an official, serious company in 1998.
But the history of Madness Photography started long before. Onno “Berserk” Wieringa, founder and owner of Madness Photography, has been a self-taught photographer since he was a little kid and started to take pictures of something he loved since the day he was born: motorcycles!

His motorcycles
After he finished high school, he started working for various Harley-Davidson shops, where he learned to work on bikes. At the age of 17, he already owned two Triumph’s and when he was eighteen he had four Triumphs and a Suzuki GT 750. After getting his drivers license, when he was eighteen, the Triumphs all had to go and were replaced by a bike that he had wanted since the day he was born; a Harley-Davidson. This bike is still in his life; it’s an FXE-F 1200 Super Glide Fat Bob, which has been rebuild and modified endlessly and ridden for many miles. Going everywhere on the bike, there was one thing he always had in his pocket; his camera!
At the age of 23 he started drag racing, and he and his team named “Midnight Madness”, raced the bike on all the major races and drag strips all over Europe. He has competed in many classes; starting with the Street bikes, than Ultimate Street Bike, Super Stock, Pro-Stock, and then finally in the fastest gas burning class; Top Gas! Also again taking thousands of photo’s of everything interesting, at every racetrack! Being a racer for more than 18 years gave him insight in the world of fast bikes, and he’s still involved in the world of drag racing as a helper/mechanic and of course photographer / reporter.

Latest News in the Custom Bike World

25th Anniversary V-Max Meeting Belgium

25th Anniversary V-Max Meeting
Welcome Vmaxxers all over the world !

And this one will be different !  A new venue in the Southern Part of Belgium !  A super luxury site with all the comfort and the all time Belgian Vmax Ambiance ! Click on the banner below to have all the information about the camping and lodging !

Reservations can be made by clicking on the button below, and are directly managed by the camping.  We have negociated special rates for lodging (IF BOOKING DONE BEFORE 1ST OF AUGUST '17) and drinks.  As this is our 25th anniversary, we want to celebrate this with you and that's why the ENTRANCE IS FREE !!!!.  We also changed for the first time in our existance, the date of our meeting !  NOW NO ONE HAS AN EXCUSE TO NOT BE THERE !  The Belgian Vmax Club members will spread the Belgian Ambiance all through the meetings this season.  We would appreciate it a lot if we can see all our friends and Vmax fans in September

THURSDAY - JEUDI - DONDERDAG  07 / 09 / 2017

18.00 hr - Early Birds Welcome
Starting at 18 hr, we will welcome the people who arrive on  thursday, the bikini bar will be open and drinks are available.  You can set up your tent or have a bed in the chalets if reserved in advance

FRIDAY - VENDREDI - VRIJDAG  08 / 09 / 2017

10.00 hr - opening Vmax Village - check in guests
(for early birds : Road book trips)
11.00 hr - opening Bikini Bar & Swimming pool
16.00 hr - Silly watergames
18.00 hr - BBQ at 50's  diner (only with reservation)
21.00 hr - 0.00 hr : Dj Alain


8.00 - 10.00 hr Breakfast at 50's diner
(only with reservation)
10.00 hr - opening Vmax Village, bars & shops
10.30 - 13.30 hr Bike promenade - Ballade moto - Rondrit
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Geiselwind, Germany - Bike and Music Weekend Bikeshow 2017

Bike and Music Weekend Bikeshow 2017 
August 3rd to 6th, Geiselwind/Germany 

The Bikeshow you should know: Have a hot time at Germany's wildest Motorcycle, Custombike, Streetfighter and US Car Meet!

Text and photography by Horst 'Motographer' Roesler

The event that "rocks" in Germany is "Bike and Music Weekend" in Geiselwind, running the first weekend in August. With all the Dragracing, burnout, live music and stunt action, it is often forgotten that the eventsite also hosts one of the most interesting and long-time bikeshows in Germany: running for 22 years and 16 at the Strohofer Truckstop, the organisers take great care to create a scenic presentation to tribute the craftmanship of the customizers that exhibit here. Germany and Franconia in particular have been one of the "birthplaces" of German Harley customizing, for it was here that American GI's rode and customized their Harleys during the "Cold War" years from the Sixties to Eighties. Some of them are still around – and so are the customizers they inspired: Like Steve Schneiderbanger from SSC and others that pass on "the flame" to the next generation. Bike and Music Weekend is one of their "Showcases" and also calls in the current customizers well beyond Franconia and Bavaria. But it is also true that this well-organized and cool bikeshow deserves more.

One of the main "Showparts" of Bike & Music are the Custombike and US-Car Shows, both show parts for some years under "covered" halls which are weatherpro
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