Madness Photography started as an official, serious company in 1998.
But the history of Madness Photography started long before. Onno “Berserk” Wieringa, founder and owner of Madness Photography, has been a self-taught photographer since he was a little kid and started to take pictures of something he loved since the day he was born: motorcycles!

His motorcycles
After he finished high school, he started working for various Harley-Davidson shops, where he learned to work on bikes. At the age of 17, he already owned two Triumph’s and when he was eighteen he had four Triumphs and a Suzuki GT 750. After getting his drivers license, when he was eighteen, the Triumphs all had to go and were replaced by a bike that he had wanted since the day he was born; a Harley-Davidson. This bike is still in his life; it’s an FXE-F 1200 Super Glide Fat Bob, which has been rebuild and modified endlessly and ridden for many miles. Going everywhere on the bike, there was one thing he always had in his pocket; his camera!
At the age of 23 he started drag racing, and he and his team named “Midnight Madness”, raced the bike on all the major races and drag strips all over Europe. He has competed in many classes; starting with the Street bikes, than Ultimate Street Bike, Super Stock, Pro-Stock, and then finally in the fastest gas burning class; Top Gas! Also again taking thousands of photo’s of everything interesting, at every racetrack! Being a racer for more than 18 years gave him insight in the world of fast bikes, and he’s still involved in the world of drag racing as a helper/mechanic and of course photographer / reporter.

Latest News in the Custom Bike World

S & S® Sidewinder kits for more power at Drag Specialties® dealers

Big bores for Big Twins!
S & S® Sidewinder kits for more power 
at Drag Specialties® dealers

The S & S sidewinder kits are a cost-effective and easy way to inflate the displacement of the big twins. More torque and more power - without machining, rewinding, rebalancing or other adjustments. The kits consist of pistons, cylinders, piston rings, seals and instructions. They are coated silver or wrinkled black powder. 88" engines of the Big Twins from 99-06 are boosted to 100" and for the Big Twins from 07-17 (no touring-models) with 96 " or 103" engines end up at 110 ". The S & S Sidewinder kits are available from Drag Specialties dealers. 

The price is € 1.070,52 +VAT. You can find dealers in your area with the dealer search: 

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15 Jahre Custom Chrome Europe "Showtime" am Faaker See:

 15 Jahre Custom Chrome Europe "Showtime" am Faaker See:

Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series
Ride-In-Bikeshow Faak 2017: 15 Jahre Top-Bikes in Faak!

Samstag, 9. September 2017: 15. Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bikeshow Faak und 20 Jahre Faak! Doppeljubiläum am Faaker See!

20 Jahre European Bike Week in Faak – das allein ist schon ein Grund zum Feiern. Doch damit nicht genug: Auch Custom Chrome Europe präsentiert am Samstag des Mega-Events seine mittlerweile 15. Ride-In Bikeshow auf der Arneitz Custom Show und lädt erneut die besten Customizer Europas zum Wettstreit.

Die seit Jahren etablierte Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bikeshow am Faaker See in Österreich ist eine der Top-Bikeshows rund um den Globus – und der speziell für Faak zugeschnittene Event bietet professionellen und privaten Customizern ein Schaufenster für ihre Kreationen, die im Laufe der darauf folgenden Monate in Custombike-Zeitschriften weltweit gezeigt werden. Wie in den vergangenen Jahren, schüttet CCE Pokale und Warengutscheine im Wert von über 5.000,-- Euro aus – das macht die Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bikeshow am Faaker See auch 2017 zur Show mit den höchsten Preisgeldern – nicht nur in Faak!

Was im Jahr 2003 auf der "grünen Wiese" in dem damaligen Custom Chrome Europe Village auf dem Arneitz-Gelände begann, hat mittlerweile einen festen Platz im Terminplan der European Bike Week: In der 2012 eröffneten Arneitz-Eventhalle, welche den Aktionen auf der verbreiterten „Arneitz-100 Showmeile“ einen hervorragenden Rahmen gibt, werden 2017 die Top-Bikes aus ganz Europa präsentiert. Die voll überdachte „Show-Meile“ an der Hauptstraße der Arneitz-Custom-Show ist wettergeschützt und zugänglich für alle Besucher. Die „Arneitz-
Custom-Show“ übertraf auch 2016 alle Erwartungen und vom 2. bis 10. September werden hier mit Bike- und Customizer-Präsentationen die Custom-Weltneuheiten für Europa präsentiert – die dazu gehörende Bikeshow von Custom Chrome Europe ist seit 15 Jahren ein definitives H
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